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Terrible acne after stopping Birth Control

I was put on a birth control to help my PMDD (Beyaz) a few months ago, it ended up working really well, my minor breakouts disappeared and my skin was perfect. I lost my insurance and had to stop taking it... a month later my face was the worst it had ever been in my entire life. I even had acne on my neck. I got put on a free birth control a month ago (this time it's Sprintec), since I had become sexually active again, and I thought my acne would disappear again. Wrong. Although the acne on my neck is mostly gone, my face is even worse! It ITCHES like a yeast infection that's on my face. It's all basically on my chin. Lots of little red bumps and white heads, even tiny little white flakes?

I've been using tea tree oil for about a week now, and things started to seem like they were getting better, but now it's back to where it was before. It's seriously making me suicidal... I already have mental issues, anxiety and depression, now I'm too embarrassed to interact with people or go in public.. I break down into tears a couple times a week because of this.

Since it seems like it's hormone related, could Wild Yam Oil (http://www.etsy.com/listing/58323959/wild-yam-oil-100-vegan-natural-and?ref=v1_other_1) help? Does anyone have any experience with this or know of anything that will help?


Question about age spots

Hi all,

I'm 29 with pretty fair skin that will initially burn then tan when exposed to sun I've almost always used SPF when out in the sun but regardless I am nw seeing a few age spots, mostly on my cheeks and a bit on my forehead. Not super noticeable but nevertheless makes my skin look uneven and bleh. Any tips? I've considered bleaching creams. I've tried fruit peel type masks but haven't noticed much change. Any products? Techniques? Help pls!
Xox thanks!

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Petrolatum in my favorite lipstick... unfortunately?

I am in a bit of a conundrum. I recently discovered a lipcolor that is the exact shade of red I've been searching for, plus it contains various botanical oils and butters and peptides for hydration and moisture: Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet. The part I'm iffy on is that it also contains petrolatum. I emailed Revlon's customer support to ask them why, and they told me that petrolatum gives the product slip and smoothness... although the coconut oil and shea butter would do that anyway, I think.

What do you guys think of petroleum in lipstick that also contains natural oils and butters? Do you care? Would the petroleum be harmful? Would it even matter? I hate the feel of petroleum on my face, although if it's on my lips I'm neutral about it as long as it contains other oils and butters. I could certainly use a host of other red lipcolors that are the same shade, but this particular product is highly moisturizing and gorgeous and affordable, so I'm a bit torn.
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getting rid of freckles

I have a bunch of freckles on my chest/shoulders/back that I'd really like to get rid of :-) Does anyone here have first-hand experience with fading freckles using lemon or lime juice?

I'm curious how often I should apply it- and specifically how. And how long until I might see results. And if I could use lemon juice in a bottle instead of fresh lemon (haha, a little cheating, I know :-)

Newbie with a question about OCM.

First of all, my skin is somehow both oily and dry. Not combination skin, where one has dry skin on their cheeks but an oily t-zone. No, I can have a flaky patch that still, somehow, manages to be completely oily. I have tried pretty much everything, but the thing I had the most luck with was lightly exfoliating every day and using Clean and Clear moisturizer with acne medicine. Even then, though, I'd break out pretty badly once a month, and I still had the blackheads that I've had for nearly 20 years, now (I'm almost 30, the clogged pores hit before puberty did.). I was recently diagnosed hypothyroid and put on medication that, while clearing up the worst of my acne, also started severely thinning my hair. Around this time, I started going no 'poo in an effort to improve the look of my now much thinner and coarser hair. Along the way, I pretty much stopped using soap altogether, except to wash my hands after using the restroom. I exfoliate all over with BS once a week, and use water only the rest of the time. This works, except on my face. Due to the flaky-oily nature, WO only works for a day, maybe two if I scrub really well with the rag, before I've got bits of coarse, dead skin that won't come off any other way. Usually, this means that on a BS day I have to follow my ACV toner with the Clean and Clear. I recently started trying OCM in an attempt to get rid of the blackheads, but as I only have EVOO to hand I've been steaming my face, massaging it in and letting it sit for a few minutes before I shower. So far, I've gotten softer skin, a few of the lines around my mouth don't look as deep, but the post-medication lightened breakouts are the same and there seems to be no difference in the blackheads. Any advice?
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Cyani: Anti-aging home remedy that works on the inside and outside

There are many herbal home remedies that work internally to cure what ails you, and many others that work externally that have anti-aging properties that change how you look. There are few home remedies, however, that can both make you feel better on the inside and improve your look as wel. Cyani is an herbal supplement that is best known for its ability to reduce swelling and the look of fine wrinkles on the face and around the eyes. Many people use a cream preparation containing Cyani and say it gives the skin a more youthful look.

But Cyani also has internal uses as well, reportedly helping people increase their resistance to infection and ulcers, while also reducing the intensity of nervous problems (e.g. anxiety). Cyani is a powerful natural cure that you may never have heard about, and it's compelling in that it works both internally and externally. You should be able to get it from any reputable local herbalist or health food store that sells supplements. Make sure they prepare it for what you want to use it for - i.e. in a cream, tablet, or both. And if you do use it, I hope you might comment here to let people know how it worked for you!


Alternative to Castor Oil?

I truly love the way OCM has cleared up my dry skin.  My skin feels wonderful.

It doesn't look so great tho.... and I am beginning to think my skin doesn't like Castor Oil -- even in small amounts.   I use a 20%CO : 80% Jojoba Oil ratio to cleanse my face.    I decided to NOT use anything for a week -- I just wiped with a warm cloth in the morning and if my skin felt tight/dry, I dabbed a bit of jojoba oil on those areas.   In other words, I stopped using the castor oil for a week but continued to use jojoba oil as needed.   Face cleared up -- and it wasn't acne but more like rash bumps on my face.   I washed my face 2 days ago with the CO:JO mix and poof, rash bumps re-appeared.

So... what can I use instead of CASTOR OIL?   I'm under the impression that the CO is the CLEANSING agent in the OCM.   What other oil would work as a cleansing agent?

Thanks for any advice/help.

OCM was perfect, until I broke out badly

My skin wasn't that bad when I started OCM, I just want to remove blackheads here and there especially on my nose. The first two weeks I did it was perfect, it made my skin clearer and glowing, I felt hardened sebums come out as I massaged oil on my face. My mixture - 20% castor, 40% grapeseed oil and 40% sunflower oil. 

After those two weeks, I woke up with a painful skin. I felt bumps on the sides of my face (lots) and acne erupted on my forehead and chin. I got a lot of clogged pores and whiteheads on my cheeks and chin especially on the area near my ears going downwards (like a path starting from the sides of my eyes). Lots and lots of whiteheads, my fingers got busy pinching them out. :(

I went back to using medicated soaps and hope my skin clears up. I just wish I could go back to the first two weeks when doing OCM was the best thing I did on my face. I've heard about the 'purging stage'. Am I finally experiencing this? If I go back to doing OCM again, would the same thing happen again and just make my skin worse? I don't know what to do. 

Have anyone experienced this? I wonder if continuing this would fix my skin. I don't know anything about the purging stage. 

Please help! 

Is this a normal effect?

Good day! Sorry if this post comes off as odd, I am having to write in a hurry.

I started OCM about a week and a half ago. I use around fifty-fifty castor oil and extra virgin olive oil, with some drops of essential oil (frankincense at the moment. No particular reason, it was just what I had on hand!)

I had bad blackhead problems along my chin, my temples and my forehead. My skin has improved, albeit very gradually. The article I found out about OCM in mentioned I might feel sandy, gritty bits under my fingers while massaging the oil in, but the last two times, there's been much more gritty gross stuff and I can see large specks of gross black grit on my hands. The reason I'm confused is that my blackheads are bad but not THAT bad! I don't know where they could be coming from. Is this normal?

I've also had a break-out under my chin (and a cyst but that's probably my terrible diet the last few days :P). I assumed that this was just the usual break-out but is it possible there's some allergic reaction going on here?

Sorry for the daft questions, I tried googling this but no luck!

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 I've been doing OCM, and it's been working well so far for my acne (i use a drop of tea tree and copious amounts of olive oil) but afterwards it leaves my skin a little dry. Normally I just pat on olive oil on the dry spots, but I'm worried this extra oil will cause breakouts. Is there a more moisturizing carrier oil I can use? 

edit- I've had a lot of sucess with a sunflower-tea tree-sweet almond oil mix at night, and a glycerine-water spray in the morning. my skin doesn't flake, and i haven't had acne. just putting this here so that if anyone comes across it with the same problem, they can see the solution.