Lynda (lyndaslp) wrote in naturalskin,

Alternative to Castor Oil?

I truly love the way OCM has cleared up my dry skin.  My skin feels wonderful.

It doesn't look so great tho.... and I am beginning to think my skin doesn't like Castor Oil -- even in small amounts.   I use a 20%CO : 80% Jojoba Oil ratio to cleanse my face.    I decided to NOT use anything for a week -- I just wiped with a warm cloth in the morning and if my skin felt tight/dry, I dabbed a bit of jojoba oil on those areas.   In other words, I stopped using the castor oil for a week but continued to use jojoba oil as needed.   Face cleared up -- and it wasn't acne but more like rash bumps on my face.   I washed my face 2 days ago with the CO:JO mix and poof, rash bumps re-appeared.

So... what can I use instead of CASTOR OIL?   I'm under the impression that the CO is the CLEANSING agent in the OCM.   What other oil would work as a cleansing agent?

Thanks for any advice/help.
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