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Is this a normal effect? [Aug. 27th, 2011|10:15 am]
Alternative Skin Care
Good day! Sorry if this post comes off as odd, I am having to write in a hurry.

I started OCM about a week and a half ago. I use around fifty-fifty castor oil and extra virgin olive oil, with some drops of essential oil (frankincense at the moment. No particular reason, it was just what I had on hand!)

I had bad blackhead problems along my chin, my temples and my forehead. My skin has improved, albeit very gradually. The article I found out about OCM in mentioned I might feel sandy, gritty bits under my fingers while massaging the oil in, but the last two times, there's been much more gritty gross stuff and I can see large specks of gross black grit on my hands. The reason I'm confused is that my blackheads are bad but not THAT bad! I don't know where they could be coming from. Is this normal?

I've also had a break-out under my chin (and a cyst but that's probably my terrible diet the last few days :P). I assumed that this was just the usual break-out but is it possible there's some allergic reaction going on here?

Sorry for the daft questions, I tried googling this but no luck!

[User Picture]From: tofuowl
2011-08-29 06:15 am (UTC)
I'm always amazed by the amount of gritty awfulness that comes out when I oil cleanse. Sometimes I stop, steam my face with a face cloth again and wipe most of the oil off, and then add a little more oil to my hands and massage that in just to make sure I've gotten as much as I can (and I'm not just rubbing the grit back in and out, over and over again).

As far as the under-chin breakout goes, make sure you're really wiping off the oil there! Sometimes it can drip from your face, and if you don't take special care to wipe under your chin, you can end up with zits : /
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